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The World I Want to Live In

During the height of Covid, I became determined to make a film about my frustration with Zoom school. My classmates and I all wanted to know when we would return to campus, and my university just kept saying “soon” as the months dragged on. I wanted to show how that felt from a student’s perspective. My film professor initially suggested a character who tries to grab a cupcake, but it keeps teleporting further away.

He eventually encouraged me, however, to approach the Covid theme with a more hopeful attitude. “At the end of the day, is there hope?” he asked. That question stuck with me. I ultimately decided to make a film about my love of campus, rather than my hate of online learning. “Create the world you want to live in,” my protagonist reads on his university’s website. Like him, I decided to do just that.

After the pandemic prevents him from returning to campus, a college student finds comfort in creativity.



Writer, Director, Editor

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